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Nti2000=IoT, Metaverse, Smart City, Smart Systems

📱 Nti2000=IoT, Metaverse, Smart City, Smart Systems 🌐 ㅡ Don't infringe our copyright. ㅡ Do you have any idea about original work of someone? ㅡ Copyright No Nation, individual, or entity should ever infringe on our copyright. ㅡ ❌ Don't infringe our copyright ❌ ㅡ Infringement of the work can’t be excused for any reason. ㅡ ❌ It’s not your Work ❌ Imitation, theft, and plagiarism are prohibited. ㅡ Do..

000t0=Universal Language

🔹🔸[000t0=Time Language, World Language, Number Language]🔸🔹 012t0=12 Months 012t1=January (Jan.) 012t2=February (Feb.) 012t3=March (Mar.) 012t4=April (Apr.) 012t5=May (May) 012t6=June (Jun.) 012t7=July (Jul.) 012t8=August (Aug.) 012t9=September (Sep.) 012t10=October (Oct.) 012t11=November (Nov.) 012t12=December (Dec.) 🎼🎼🎼 ✒ ※※※ (×=Multiplication sign) 🔸🔹🔸 000t0=Time Language, AI Language, Common ..