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Number Money=Digital Currency, Virtual Currency and Crypto Currency and Cryptocurrency

[Number Money=Digital Currency, Virtual Currency and Cryptocurrency] 💰 Number Money ㅡ Author T.H. Kwon ❌❌ 현재 사용되고 있는 가상화폐(암호화폐)는 가치가 제로(0)이다. The virtual currency(cryptocurrency) currently in use has zero value. ❌❌ Don't plagiarize without permission from the number money copyright holder! 넘버머니 저작권자의 허락 없이 표절하지 마세요! It's a criminal act to produce and distribute cryptocurrency by imitating Number..

Nti2000=IoT, Metaverse, Smart City, Smart Systems

📱 Nti2000=IoT, Metaverse, Smart City, Smart Systems 🌐 ㅡ Don't infringe our copyright. ㅡ Do you have any idea about original work of someone? ㅡ Copyright No Nation, individual, or entity should ever infringe on our copyright. ㅡ ❌ Don't infringe our copyright ❌ ㅡ Infringement of the work can’t be excused for any reason. ㅡ ❌ It’s not your Work ❌ Imitation, theft, and plagiarism are prohibited. ㅡ Do..

000t0=Universal Language

🔹🔸[000t0=Time Language, World Language, Number Language]🔸🔹 7t77=Have a nice day! 좋은 하루 보내세요! 01t01=We're best friends forever! 우린 영원한 친구! 02t02=We Go Together! 우리 함께 갑시다! 0005t=0!5=Top 정상 007t=Nice to meet you. 0015t=User 0009t=God bless you! 0t0=Amen 아멘 033t=Schedule 044t=Money 055t=Victory 066t=Textbook 77t7=Meeting 077t=Business 088t=Internet 099t=Computer 123×t=Please call me. 25×t=Christmas..