Nti2000=IoT, Metaverse, Smart City

Nti2000=IoT, Metaverse, Smart City, Smart Systems

Huibok Choe PhD 2023. 6. 4. 06:53

📱 Nti2000=IoT, Metaverse, Smart City, Smart Systems 🌐
ㅡ Don't infringe our copyright.
ㅡ Do you have any idea about original work of someone?
ㅡ Copyright
No Nation, individual, or entity should ever infringe on our copyright.
ㅡ ❌ Don't infringe our copyright ❌
ㅡ Infringement of the work can’t be excused for any reason.
ㅡ ❌ It’s not your Work ❌
Imitation, theft, and plagiarism are prohibited.
ㅡ Don’t disturb our future by infringing.
Nti2000 by T.H. kwon
ㅡ IoT/Metaverse/Smart City/Smart Systems
Nti2000 is under our copyright. Please do not infringe upon it.
IoT(Internet of Things), Metaverse, Smart City, Smart Country, Smart Construction, Smart Building
ㅡ Nti2000 is copyright protect. Do not Infringe.
ㅡ Nti2000 copyright infringement
ㅡ CountryㅡEnterprise.ㅡIndividual.
ㅡ Do not use nti2000 or similar by plagiarizing.
ㅡ ❌ Anyone infringing our copyright is unacceptable.
ㅡ Copyright infringers will be prosecuted.
✍ Nti2000 is the first creation of its kind in human history. It was created when no one even imagined about it.
I invented Nti2000 when no one had even imagined about it in 1978. [Nti2000 Copyright 1978. T.H. Kwon All Rights Reserved.]
ㅡ 사물인터넷(IoT), 메타버스(Metaverse), 스마트시티(Smart City), 스마트시스템(Smart Systems) 등은 Nti2000 저작물의 명칭만 변경해서 사용하고 있다. Nti2000 저작권 침해하지 마라!
ㅡ Nti2000은 1978년 저작권 등록물임 **
ㅡ 국가ㅡ기업ㅡ개인ㅡNti2000을 유사하게 표절해서 사용하지 마라!
ㅡ 저작권 침해자는 끝까지 책임을 회피할 수 없다.
✍ Nti2000은 인류역사상 최초의 창작물인 동시에 인간은 아무도 상상할 수 없을 때 창작된 것이다.
Nti2000=IoT, Metaverse, Smart City, Smart Systems
최초의 사물인터넷, 메타버스, 스마트시티, 스마트시스템 
Don't use without the permission of the copyright holder.
저작권자의 허락없이 사용하지 마세요.
ㅡ Author T.H. Kwon ㅡ
0t000=TIMEnasa 타임나사
🎼🎼🎼 ✒+.×.÷/=!
※※※ (×=Multiplication sign)
000t0=Time Language, AI Language, Common Language, Computer Language, Digital Language, Future Language, Global Language, ICT Language, International Language, Internet Language, IoT Language, Link Language, Number Language, Program Language, SNS Language, Thinking Language, TNS Language, Universal Language, World Language
We're introducing Time Language all over the world. Time Language is the world's language consisting of numbers that anyone in the world can easily use. Time Language frees us from foreign languages. Now, there is no need for interpretation and translation. Time Language is pronounced in the language of each country and the meaning is the same. [000t0=Time Language, Copyright 1974. T.H. Kwon All Rights Reserved.] Looking forward to our interactions. Thank you. HUIBOK CHOE, Ph. D., M.B.A.&CMO
💼 CMO at TIMEnasa
🎓 Ph. D. in Business Administration
🔊 030t 2t6 16×t 0t000
🔸🔹[000t0 Service Site]🔹🔸
••• You should google 000t0. •••        
🔸🔹[The world's first smartphone, PocketBox=Smartphone, APP]🔹🔸
■ The smartphone infringed the copyright of the PocketBox.
■ I've created a PocketBox inspired by looking at the ceiling in 1978.
■ PocketBox is a creation work composed of application as well as a book composed of operating system.
■ By ignoring the copyright protection of Pocket Box works and by recklessly infringing on Author’s works, many smartphone and smart device related companies (manufacturers as well as other developers and users) have indulged in illegal use of PocketBox works without obtaining the author's permission.
☆ Do not infringe PocketBox Copyright.
☆ Do not use the same work similar to PocketBox. - If you want to use it, use it after you pay a royalty.
  ㅡ PocketBox Copyright 1978. T.H. Kwon All Rights Reserved. ㅡ
🌏 TIMEnasa's Creations(Books & Works) 🌏
1. TIMEnasa 🌐
2. 000t0=Time Language, World Language, Number Language
  Copyright 1974. T.H. Kwon All Rights Reserved. 🌍
3. Nti2000=IoT, Metaverse, Smart City, Smart Systems
  Copyright 1978. T.H. Kwon All Rights Reserved. 🌎
4. Number Money=Digital Currency, Virtual Currency and Cryptocurrency
  Copyright 1969. T.H. Kwon All Rights Reserved. 💰
5. PocketBox=Smartphone, Copyright of the APP
  Copyright 1978. T.H. Kwon All Rights Reserved. 📱
6. M+W=People Language 📖
7. ~ 14. TIME theory 📕
15. etc. 📡
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